5 Stunning Pencil Drawings by Ramon Bruin


Credit: Interesting Engineering

Ramon Bruin is a 41 year old Dutch artist. He is widely known for his 3D drawings.

Credit: ramon-bruin.com

Here are the 5 stunning pencil drawings of him.

Credit: Awesomebyte

 Ship Drawing

Credit: boredpanda.com

It is a 3D drawing of ship that was created on 4th Feb, 2022.

3D House Drawing

Credit: boredpanda.com

This is a graphite drawing of house. Here, the artist has used a paper sheet to draw the house giving it a realistic look.

Bird Drawing

Credit: boredpanda.com

Here's a beautiful bird drawing. The shadow of the bird makes it look more 3-dimentional.

Zebra Drawing

Credit: boredpanda.com

This picture features a 3D-zebra drinking water. And, the water is made wavey which enhances the artistic beauty of the drawing.

 Scorpion Drawing

Credit: boredpanda.com

In this image, the artist has shown a scorpion that seems real, but its a realistic 3D-sketch.

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