Mind Blowing Optical illusions by Rob Gonsalves


Pic credit: all-art.org

Rob Gonsalves was a Canadian artist. He is widely known for his mysterious and amazing illusion paintings.

Pic credit: The Globe and Mail

His interest in Architecture can be easily observed in his works. One needs to give second glance to his paintings to understand it well.

In June 2003, an American publishing company Simon & Schuster, released Rob's first hardcover book 'Imagine a Night' featuring sixteen paintings.

After getting success in the first hardcover book, company released a second book 'Imagine A Day' in late 2004.

The book received the Governor General's Award in the Children's Literature – Illustration category in 2005.

Here are some mind blowing optical illusions by Rob that will melt your mind.

Pic credit: all-art.org

Riding On Top Of The Tree

Pic credit: all-art.org

Community Portrait

Pic credit: all-art.org

The Mosaic Moat

Pic credit: all-art.org

Fall Floating

Pic credit: all-art.org

Tree House in Autumn

Still Waters

Pic credit: all-art.org

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