7 things
 You should look before buying an easel


Easels are the working station of an artist,it needs to be elegant.

Here are 7 criteria's you should look ,before risking your money for an easel

Easel Type

Always go for an easel type that suits your working style. Like, if you works on heavy canvas go with H-frame easels, for travelling buy portable tripod easels.


The size determines the capacity of an easel. Bigger canvases only fits on larger easels.


Heavy easel tends to be more stable but they are not meant for mobility.


Material defines the strength & portability of an easel. Wood is considered as classical option over aluminum


The quality of easels relies on its price. With all the required features an easel should be budget friendly.


With brand name we gets assurity. So, considering an easel from renowned brand would help you select a quality easel.

Space occupancy

Look for an easel that's foldable. It's easy to set up and dismantle after use.

Additional features

Certain features like storage drawer, extended legs, wheels are essential so look for it.

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