7 Best Painting Easel for Artists in 2022

When it comes to your art & paintings your basic art materials just aren’t enough. If you are an art professional or someone highly engaged in artworks then you should not ignore the importance of quality easel.

A quality easel is a must for you to facilitate your drawings, it makes your work hassle-free and helps you to concentrate on the important stuff.

Go through this complete article to get to know the best painting easel for artists, and the selection process behind it, you will undoubtedly love our selection of the easels.

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7 Best Painting Easels to Buy in India

If you are in a rush and you don’t want to read the full article. Then, check out this comparison table for the 7 best painting easels to buy in India.

1Grandink® Artist Wooden Easel StandA-framePinewood1.8 KgCheck here
2Kurtzy Professional Tripod Display Telescopic StandTripod DisplaySteel2.3 KgCheck here
3Mont Marte Tabletop Easels for PaintingTabletopBeechwood1.5 KgCheck here
4Brustro Artists Studio Portable Wooden BoxPortable wooden boxOiled-Beechwood7.2 KgCheck here
5Giggles – 4 in 1 Double Sided Wooden Easel BoardDouble-sided kids boardRegular Wood5.5 KgCheck here
6Brustro Artists Multi-Function Studio Floor EaselH-frameBeechwood14.8 KgCheck here
7POPULAR Multi-Function Wooden Studio EaselH-frameRegular Wood10.9 KgCheck here

1. Grandink® Artist Wooden Easel Stand


The Grandink Artist wooden easel is a perfectly crafted easel for your art studio. Manufactured with North American ponderosa pinewood the easel would perfectly fit your requirements.

With height & angle adjustment, you can hold canvases at different angles.
The body of the canvas is textured & smoothly polished for a premium feel.

This A-frame floor easel is made to support canvases up to 48 inches. One downside of the canvas is that it doesn’t carry a ledge for brushes and art materials.


Made from – Pinewood
Type – A-frame easel
Weight – 1.8 kg
Max canvas height – 48 inches


✓ Foldable
✓ Height & Angle adjustment
✓ Sit or stand
✓Built with ponderosa pinewood


???? Installation can be tricky

2. Kurtzy Professional Tripod Display Telescopic Stand

610Js7pA kL. SL1500

The Kurtzy professional tripod display easel is very handy for art professionals who travel a lot. This foldable easel can hold canvases up to 1Kg with a maximum size of 160 cm.

The knobs & clips of the easel is made with high-quality PP materials. The easel also includes a carry case & comes with four canvas boards.

You can adjust the height & angle of the canvas according to your needs. With all the essential features it becomes one of the most viable options on our list.

It can be placed anywhere from tabletop to floor. The only downside of this easel is that it’s not suitable for white & blackboards.


Made from – Steel
Type – Tripod display easel
Weight – 2.3 kg
Max canvas height – 63 inches


✓ Portable
✓ Affordable
✓ Easy assembling


???? Fragile

3. Mont Marte Tabletop Easels for Painting

61qUKSjDHiL. SL1000

If you carry art materials very often then this Mont Marte tabletop easel would be very handy for you. With a weight of 1.5 Kg, this easel becomes one of the lightweight and portable options out in the list.

It features a leatherette handle for comfortable grip & offers excellent storage for art supplies. The dimensions of the easel are 39 × 28 × 11 cm.

Mont Marte easel is crafted with smooth beechwood and has the capacity to hold canvas up to a length of 52 cm. It has adjustable features so that it can fit your requirements.


Made from – Beechwood
Type – Tabletop easel
Weight – 1.5 kg
Max canvas height – 20.4 inches


✓ Well built
✓ Easy to carry
✓ Clasp for art tools


???? Limited tilt angle

4. Brustro Artists Studio Portable Wooden Box


Brusto artist studio portable wooden box easel is a high-end product, designed to create a notable space among regular easels. It can be used either inside or outside.

Due to its portable features, it becomes one of the best options for travelling artists.
The easel offers telescopic feet with a rubber pad for better stability, you can also enlarge or shrink the legs to modify their height.

It can be opened over 90 degrees and can be adjusted at different angles. With travelling in mind the Studio box easel has a large interior storage box & sliding drawer with six divisions- that can easily carry your art tools.

Considering the budget the easel is on the expensive side but you can go for it if you want a function-rich, heavy-duty, and quality easel.


Made from – Oiled or varnished beechwood
Type – Portable wooden box
Weight – 7.2 kg
Max canvas height – 33 inches


✓ Lightweight
✓ Large storage box
✓ Portable


???? No wheels

5. Giggles – 4 in 1 Double Sided Wooden Easel Board

71B3A+s0oaL. SL1500

The best type of easel for children are those with multipurpose uses, it should be lightweight and strong.

This Double-sided easel from Giggles has multifunctional features for writing, drawing, and preschool activities.

It comes with a Magnetic chalkboard, magnetic alphabet, numbers & operators, Tray, Duster, Dry erase marker.

This specially designed easel for kids has a storage tray, a learning toy kit for children to play and learn basic words and Maths.

These easels are very helpful for children to polish their creative skills. You can also adjust the height of the easel and can carry it inside or outside for fun or to play.

Additionally, it’s storage-friendly, you can fold it flat if it’s idle. Looking at all the goodness and pitfalls of this product, we can fairly say this is one of the best easels for the little ones.


Made from – Wood
Type – Double-sided easel boards
Weight – 5.5 kg
Max canvas height – NA


✓ Specially designed for kids
✓ Easy to carry
✓ Comes with lots of freebies


???? Bit costly

6. Brustro Artists Multi-Function Studio Floor Easel

61eMCwlO7SL. SL1000

Here’s another offering from Brusto with the same trust & quality. Being a renowned name in the art industry Brusto has a wide array of quality products for art professionals.

This H-frame Master multi-function studio easel designed with beechwood is strong enough to hold a bigger canvas up to the height of 196 cm.

The easel offers excellent adjustment knobs that give you plenty of options to get a perfect inclination. On top of that, the easel has large rolling wheels to move it around.

This well-crafted easel requires self-assembly. So, you have to take charge of setting it up. Being on the expensive side the easel has a lot to offer. Considering its quality and durability, it’s worth buying.


Made from – Beechwood
Type – H-frame easel
Weight – 14.8 kg
Max canvas height – 77 inches


✓ Excellent quality
✓ Accurate adjustments
✓ Has wheels


???? Bit heavy-duty
???? Bit expensive

popular multi function easel

Looking for an affordable option that offers all the necessary features a professional would need. This popular multi-function wooden studio easel crafted with natural wood is ideal for heavy works.

The easel has a brass fitting for long-lasting. This multipurpose easel is highly adaptive, you can easily customise its heights and angle, to use it as display boards or advertising media.

Unlike tripod easels here you will get 4 legs to support the easel. Many shoppers have claimed it to be very sturdy and stable, so working on uneven surfaces would be easier with this. Overall, the deal is very attractive you can check it out.


Made from – Wood
Type – H-frame easel
Weight – 10.9 kg
Max canvas height – 48 inches


✓ Multifunctional
✓ Durable
✓ Suitable for indoor & outdoor


???? Bit heavy
???? No wheels

Buying Guide for Best Easels

Before diving into the knowledge for selecting an easel, it’s very important to know the upsides of using an easel.

It will give clarity to your thought for taking better decisions.

Advantages of an easel

An easel is an elegant piece of furniture specially designed to place your canvases on it for creating artwork.

Working on art projects over your easel in a calm environment helps you to be more centered to your work.

It doesn’t let any kind of problems related to placing or organising canvases and art materials to come while making artworks.

With an easel you can observe the artwork with a better viewing angle, so chances of doing perspective mistakes in artworks get reduced.

One biggest benefits of using an easel is that it helps you maintain a better posture to work for a longer period.

Sitting in front of the easel mentally prepares you for the work, so you don’t get distracted. Additionally, it also increases the speed of your drawing.

How to choose the best easel?

If you are buying an easel for the first time, then you should keep certain things in your mind that will help you to choose the best for you.

The size, weight, type, material, and brand are some crucial factors you need to look at.
An easel should be such that can fulfil all your requirements, it should have proper height, capacity, and other needed features.

Besides these things, they should not be heavy on your pocket. Let’s move ahead to see these factors in detail.

Types of easel

Artist easels are available in different shapes and sizes, knowing their types will help you decide which one is most relevant for you.

1. A-frame easel
Lyre easel is the other name of A-frame easels. It has a triangular A-frame structure, with its three legs it rests on the floor.

These easels are great for small or medium-scale works because it has limited space to work on. A-frame easels are more affordable than H-frame easels but it’s not much stronger as compared to H-frame easels.

These easels are generally preferred for beginner artists also, they are not advisable for watercolor & other horizontal artworks.

2. H-frame easel
H-frame easels has a shape similar to the “H” letter, hence its name is H-frame.
These types of easels are sturdy. They have a large footprint and storage for holding art materials.

They are best for those artists who are professionals and works on larger canvases. The downside of these easels is that they occupy more space than other easels.

If you have small studio space then you will be in trouble because you can’t easily fold it up or move it around.

3. Box easel
If you do not like working in one place, then this easel is perfect for you. You can easily carry it either outdoor or indoor, they are lightweight and foldable.

It has a large storage space for art materials. These easels are ideal for small canvas.

4. Kids easel
How can we forget our little ones? Art easels are very essential for them. The specially designed “Kids easel” is here to take care of them.

Most of the kid’s easel has a double-sided board for two children to provide them a space at a single time. They come in plastic and wooden frame with chalks or markers.

Children can easily use it indoors or outdoor. They can do maths, drawings and can also complete their home works on it.

5. Tripod & field easel
Tripod easels are three legs easels generally used by sidewalk artists. It comes in wooden as well as aluminum built. They are lightweight, portable, and sturdy.

Its telescopic legs ate superb for outdoor paintings. If you travel a lot, then these easels are suitable for you. You can easily set it up anywhere and start making your painting.

There’s one drawback these don’t have trays for your drawing tools.

Weight & size

You should do check the size & weight of the easel before buying it because the weight & size plays an extremely important role in an easel.

Weighty and bigger easels are generally more stable and preferable for professionals but they won’t be a good option for someone who travels a lot or does small-scale work.


Most of the easels are made from wood but some easels also come in steel & Aluminium.
Material is a crucial factor in determining the kind of easel, but it’s not that either steel or aluminum is superior.

Each one has an edge, wooden easels being classic understood as more stable and reliable on the other hand aluminum easels are lightweight, portable, and occupies small space.


It’s something you always need to consider while picking an easel. You should always look for the best easel without exceeding your budget.

But also remember that this one-time investment will give you manifold results so some extra penny for a quality easel makes sense.

Additional features

Apart from size, weight, and budget, there are several features an artist should look for.

  • Inbuilt tray and cups for art materials
  • Rubbered legs for stability
  • Longer support bar for bigger canvases
  • Handle to carry (box easel)
  • Collapsable
  • Extended legs (Field easel)


No matter what segment the brand is serving to, if they can understand the consumer’s problem & provide proper solutions to them by placing good products — will always survive. Brands are solutions to the problems, also they are trustworthy.

Considering some brand names while selecting art materials is very important. Here we are talking about art easels, so some of the best brands in India are Brusto, Mont Marte, Kurtzy, Grandink.


Easel is the best tool for artists to invest in. It helps them to improve artistic skills & be more productive. While selecting the easel always consider certain factors like type, weight, material, budget, brands, etc.

With all the learnings you have gained above, you are intelligent enough to select the best easel as per your requirements.

Which easel among the list excited you the most? put it into the comment box to let us know your favorite one? Also, note that the list created above is neutral & made with comprehensive research and study.

Before purchasing any product from the list please make sure to cross-check the specs as an intelligent shopper.

If you have more doubts consider reading the FAQs section to get clarity.


Do you even need an easel?

It’s an important question whether you really need an easel. Not that, you spent money on an easel and you only use it for a little time, then your money will be wasted.

If you regularly make drawings and artworks then you should definitely invest in easel because easels are great for increasing productivity, it will help you manage art supplies, provide you better posture, give you a better view and also increase your drawing speed to take your drawing skills to next level.

Do mediums matter for an easel?

Mediums don’t matter for an easel, you can use any medium on your easel. Art companies display their easel as the “easel of the particular medium” and, we assume that it is actually made for a specific medium.

But it’s far from truth, you can use it for any medium – it’s just a marketing technique.

What is a good easel?

Some characteristics of good easels are
They are made up of quality wood (Beechwood)
They have big storage space
They consist of rubbered legs
They can hold bigger canvases
They are reasonably priced
They have proper adjustments
They are not bulky

Can I make an easel?

Yes, you can make an easel at your home by using wood, pipe, or cardboard. Making an easel would be a good decision for you, if you know the process and have the appropriate tools to make it.

Select a material you want to use for the easel and use the technique you believe will do the work. Also, you can go through the Youtube videos and blogs to learn the skill!!

How long does an easel last?

Yes, you can make an easel at your home by using wood, pipe, or cardboard. Making an easel would be a good decision for you, if you know the process and have the appropriate tools to make it.

Select a material you want to use for the easel and use the technique you believe will do the work. Also, you can go through the Youtube videos and blogs to learn the skill!!

Are Brustro easels really good?

Being a reliable company, Brusto manufactures high-quality products. Their easels are well built and long-lasting. Mostly Brustro makes easel with Beechwood which is dense and smooth. Their easels are reasonably priced.

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