Timeless Quotes by American Sculptor Edmonia Lewis


Credit: bio. Biography.com

Edmonia Lewis was the first African American sculptor who became popular worldwide. she is also known as "Wildfire".

Credit: The Guardian

 Here are some of her quotes....

I have a strong sympathy for all women who have struggled and suffered.

The God Spirit always sends me friends.

My features I take from my father, but my spirit, my industry and perseverance I get from my Indian mother.

One day, I saw a statue of Benjamin Franklin, and I said to myself, 'I can do that kind of work, too.'

Until I was twelve years old, I led this wandering life, fishing, swimming, and making moccasins.

I thought I knew everything when I came to Rome, but I soon found I had everything to learn.

Today is pay-day and pay-day is always an unpleasant time ... we must sell our work if we want to live.


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