5 Most Iconic American Female Painters


Here are 5 most iconic American female painters you must know about

Elizabeth Peyton


Peyton is an American contemporary Artist. Her full name is Elizabeth Joy Peyton who was born in 1965 in Danburg, Connecticut

Laura Owens 


Laura is the greatest painter, educator & gallery owner in America. She uses painterly techniques and different types of historical art references in her artworks

Georgia O' Keeffe 

O'Keeffe is the "Mother of American modernism," born on 15 November 1887 in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. She has been awarded many times in her life

Helen Frankenthaler


Helen Frankenthaler is another famous American painter known for her abstract painting. Her paintings are kept in the Art Gallery of Ontario, Art Institute of Chicago  & Museum of Modern Art

Joan Mitchell


During the 1950s, the artist Mitchell was one of the most famous & important female painters in America. She is ga for her painting, printmaking & pastel work

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