5 Best American Sculptors Ever Born


Here are 5 best American sculptors you must know about

joseph cornell

Cornell is not only one of the best American sculptor, but he was also known for Assemblage & experimental film. His sculpture are kept in Museum of Modern Art, Guggenheim Museum & Smithsonian American Art Museum

Louise nevelson

Louise Nevelson is one of the greatest American sculptors of all time. Louise Nevelson was best known for her monochromatic, monumental, outdoor sculptures and wooden wall pieces

Gutzon borglum

Gutzon Borglum may quite simply be the best sculptor in the history of art. His splendid work includes Mount Rushmore, Seated Lincoln, and Wars of America

ruth asawa

She is best known for her iconic wire sculptures like Desert plant, Origami Fountain & Untitled (S.001), hanging seven interlocking double trumpets). His most expensive work is " Untitled (S.387), that was sold for $4.1 million

david smith

David Smith is one of the most famous sculptors of the 20th-century. He passed away in 1965, but his work still lives on in this art world

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