Smart Ways to Protect Your Artworks


Here are 5 smart ways to protect your artworks

Frame With Acrylic Plexiglass

Using Acrylic Plexiglass Frame One Can Easily Protect The Artworks From Getting Pale or Blemish Due to Sunlight

Keep in Dry & Cool Place

When You Keep Your Artwork in a Dry Place, The Art Remains Secure Ever Without Framed

Use Spray 

The spray is One of The Best Tool For Artworks Made With Graphite, Colored Pencil & Soft Pastel. It Adds a Layer to Your Drawing & Makes The Drawing Shine as Well as Prevents Color or Graphite From Getting on Your Hand 

Use Cotton or Sable Brush 

If Any of Your Painting is Without Frame & it Has Become Dirty, Then You Should Not Clean it With Any Cleaners, it Can Damage Your Painting. 
Take Use of Cotton or a Sable Brush to Clean it 

Use Varnish

You Can Protect Your Canvas Paintings From The Polluted Atmosphere by Using Varnish

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