American Anthony Howe's 5 Most Famous Kinetic Sculpture

Anthony Howe is an American kinetic sculptor from salt lake city, United States.

Credit: Google (Taft School)

He works on wind-driven sculptures such as alien creatures & vortices.

Credit: Google (Anthony Howe)

Let's see his most famous kinetic sculptures.

Credit: Google (

Dizzying kinetic sculpture

Credit: Google (Anthony Howe)

Dizzying kinetic sculpture is stainless steel pneumatic work that rotates with wind.

Di-Octo Sculpture

Credit: Google (Anthony Howe)

Despite the weight of 725kg, it continuously moves in hypnotic motion using the power of wind and motors.

In Cloud Light

Credit: Google (TwistedSifter)

It is made of one-ton rough sanded stainless steel with 28 rotating units. Each unit is equipped with six radius arms, alternating carrying spheres of polished steel & mirrors—all rotating around a ring axis.

About Face

Credit: Google (Anthony Howe)

To create this kinetic art, Howe firstly used software to make 3d model of it. Then, he used Rhinoceros 3D, wireframes & copper plates to create the sculpture.

Zavion Kinetic Sculpture

Credit: Google (Anthony Howe)

Zavion is a six-foot-tall human-sized kinetic sculpture that dances in the wind with hypnotic grace.

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