5 Pro Painting Hacks You aren't using


Heres are some painting hacks you must know today

Repairing Brush Hack

Brush Hack is Best for Keeping Your Brushes in Perfect Edgy Shape. Just Wet Your Brush & Rub it onto the Soap, the Bristle Would Turn into a Pointy Shape. Now, Let it Dry for a Few Hours so, it can work Like New Again.

Tape Removing Hack

Before Removing Your Painting Tape, Blow it With a Hairdryer for One Minute. This Will Weaken the Adhesive Power of Tape & it Will Come Out Easily

Silver Metallic Paint Hack

If You Don't Want to Buy Expensive Metallic Acrylic Paints, Then This Cool Hack is for You. Create a Bottle of Metallic Acrylic Paint  by Mixing Some Amount of Metallic Paints to the Normal Acrylic Paint

Highlight Hack 

Just Take a Wet Brush and Rub it Wherever You Want to Add Highlight, And then Clean the Color Using a Tissue Paper

Spray Hack 

If You Want to Use Vibrant & Saturated Color in Your Watercolor Painting, you Should Use a Spray to Moisten the Paint. It Will Help You Control the Amount of Paint and Water in the Painting

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