Brilliant Art Hacks you Aren't using

Here are some brilliant art hacks you aren't using

Use Empty Ball pen

You Can Use Empty Ball pen For Creating Indentation. Indentations Are Inscribed Lines on a Paper Which Helps Creating Texture in The Drawing For Making Hair, Fur Etc. 

Use Gray Marker 

Using This Hack Will Make Your Shading Process Much Easier. Use Gray Marker as a Base Layer in Pencil Drawing Then Add Details to it. You Can Archive Quick Results With it 

Use Baby Oil 

This Hack is Really Useful For Blending Colored Pencil Drawing. Just Put Little Baby Oil on The Cotton & Lightly Smudge The Drawing Using the Cotton Bud

Use The Grid

Using Grid One Can Easily Make Accurate Portraits. Grid Helps us Know The Exact position of Objects in a figure

Use Light Box

Even Who Don't Know to Draw, Can Also Make a Beautiful Drawing Using This Hack. Put The Printed Picture on LightBox & Place The Drawing Paper on Top of it, Now You Can Trace it With a Pen or Pencil

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