5 Most Expensive Paintings of Salvador Dali 


Here are the 5 most expensive paintings of Salvador Dali 

Portrait De Paul Eluard

The most expensive painting of Salvador Dali is 'Portrait De Paul Eluard,' which sold for 22.4 million dollars in 2011. It was created in April 1929

 Night Specter on the Beach

This is another valuable artwork of Dali. It depicts a mysterious sky with glimmering clouds in the foreground and a man staring at the sky

Enigmatic Elements In a Landscape 

In 2011, this painting fetched $11 million. It is an oil painting made  in the Surrealism period (1934)

Printemps Necrophilique 

The 'Printemps Necrophilique' was painted in 1936. It illustrates a blurred desert where a man is seated & a flower headed female stands in the front of the cypress tree

Honey is Sweeter than Blood

'Honey is Sweeter than Blood' is the first surrealist painting of Dali. He created it at the age of 23. It is believed the artwork has been destroyed or lost

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