Iconic Painting of American Actress Sold For $195 Million 


The 20th century painting of Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol sold for $195 million at auction on 9th May 

The painting featured portrait of Monroe in pop art style with blonde short bob hair, red lips & blue eyeshadow on a blue background

Marilyn Monroe was one of the glamourous Hollywood star of 20th century. After two years of her death, Warhol made her portrait 

For those who don't know about Andy Warhol, he was an American pop artist, producer andafilm director

Andy had painted the portrait with five different colored backgrounds including red, orange, sage blue, light blue and turquoise

In late 1967, the painting was bought by Peter Brant for $5000

Presently, Larry Gagosian, an art dealer won the bid for the painting at Christie's auction house, New York

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