6 Things You Don't Know About Banksy


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For those who don't know Banksy, he is a English street artist, film director & political activist.

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Let's come to the list of things you might not know about Banksy

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Banksy started making stencil graffiti to save his time.

 It was declared that his real name is Robin Gunningham according to the newspaper—The Mail on Sunday in 2008.

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 In starting of his artistic career he had go to jail because on that time graffiti was considered illegal.

 Banksy once produced lot's of fake notes where he depicted Diana (Princess of Wales) on the note, instead of Queen Elizabeth.

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He gained Ocsar award for his 2010 best documentary film, Exit Through the Gift Shop.

 In 2015, Banksy created his own amusement park called Dismaland, which is similar to Disneyland.


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