5 Incredible Paintings of Banksy


Credit: Extra.ie

Banksy — the 47 years old England based street artist has made some of the amazing art in his career

Credit: Wpage.in

Here are the five incredible paintings of him.

Credit: banksy

Balloon Girl 

Credit: Kingsley Voice

Balloon Girl is the London series of stencil mural paintings. It depicted a girl trying to catch a flying red-hearted balloon.

Love is in the Bin

Credit: Wikipedia

Love is in the Bin is Banksy's most expensive work. Last October, it was sold for $25 million at Sotheby's London.

Slave Labour

Credit: Kineshetic Urban Rhetoric

In this picture Banksy featured a little boy who is sewing the flag of England using a sewing machine.

Kissing Coppers

Credit: Ubuy Indonesia

In 2004, it was created on the wall of The Prince Albert pub in Brighton where two British policemen were kissing each other.

Game changer

Credit: Pixels

The other name of this painting is "Painting for Saints". It was made in 2020.

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