This female artist uses her lips as a canvas

All Pic Credits:@vladamua

Vlada Haggerty is a make-up artist who uses her lips as a canvas for making beautiful designs & paintings.


Vlada is a photographer & also she is a professional lip artist


She showcases the power of her lip art, adorned with glittering sequins, metallic gloss & dazzling gems.


She boasts 684k followers on Instagram & has an online shop where she sells her art.


Here are some of Vlada's lip paintings


In this picture, Vlada adorn her lips with rainbow crystal

Here, she depicts a great surrealist painting, "The Persistence of Memory" by Salvador Dali.

This lip art is ornamented with dazzling gems & metallic gloss.

Vlada look fabulous with this dazzling crystal lip art.

Here, she has decorated her lips with a small gleaming stone where a snake seems staring.

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