5 Hidden Illusion Paintings by Oleg Shupliak


Credit: boredpanda.com

Oleg Shupliak is a surrealist artist from Ukraine. He is widely known for his imaginative hidden portraits.

Credit: Wikipedia

Here are some of his illusionary paintings that will totally shock you

 Credit: Arthur.io

Self-Portrait Under Lime Trees

Credit: boredpanda.com

Here Oleg created big hidden self-portrait, formed with the trunk & leaves of a lime tree. Also, you can see a young boy making a hut painting by sitting on the ground.

Vincent Van Gogh "Langlois Bridge At Arles"

Credit: boredpanda.com

This is the hidden image of the great artist Van Gogh. It was made using bridge & grass.

Two birds

Credit: boredpanda.com

The picture seems to be of birds sitting on the twigs but when you look it with attention, it would come out to be simple leaves bending downwards.


Credit: boredpanda.com

Self-Portrait With Muse

Credit: boredpanda.com

In this picture, he depicted a self-portrait with his muse in surrealism style.

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