5 Stunning Surreal Sculptures by Yuan Xingliang


Credit: mymodernmet.com

Yuan Xingliang is a Chinses sculptor. He is widely known for his surrealistic clay sculptures.

Credit: Global Times

Here are his five stunning surreal sculptures that will shock you.

Credit: mymodernmet.com

Autumn Moon Palace

Credit: Carousell

Here's a half faced girl sculpture made up of clay, in fantasy style.

Winter Tibet

Credit: facebook

It is a clay art of gorgeous girl influenced by asian folklore. Her jewelery & braid hair makes this statue more amazing.

Chunmang. Peach Blossom Island

Credit: mymodernmet.com

This picture depicts a beautiful women's face with surrealism hair, miniature buildings & trees made all around the sculpture.

Duanchun Palace

Credit: mymodernmet.com

This is a beautiful depiction of two children riding the white fish & the General walking on foot with weapons.

Kurong Temple

Credit: Onepiece Collectable Figure (Thailand)

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