Illusionary Arts by Erik Johansson Will Shock You

Credit: Eizo

Erik Johansson is a 37 year's old surreal digital artist & a photographer. 

Credit: pinterest (TERRIENSEUL)

He uses photographic elements & other materials to create surreal scenes.

Credit: PhoideEtapes

He is from Sweden, the country of pop music.

Here are some of his illusionary works.

Go Your Own Road

Credit: Pinterest (Daily Mail)

After seeing this, it looks like the man is dragging the road. But it's actually the marvel of editing by Erik Johansson.



Self-Supporting was printed in 2017 in surrealistic style.

Face vs. Fist


 All Above the Sky

Credit: Behance

To create this scene Eric used a magnum reflector to illuminate the rocks from the left and later took the man's pic in the same setup under the water. The rest describes his retouching skill.


Credit: Insta @erik.joh here.

It is one of the famous art piece of   Johansson that was created in 2014.

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