See This Canadian Artist Who Transforms Herself Into Canvas

All Pic Credit: Insta @mimles

Mimi Choi is a professional makeup artist. She is widely known for her surreal 3D face art.

All Pic Credit: Insta @mimles

Mimi uses her face as a canvas to create mind-blowing arts.

She has an Insta account named mimles, where she posts her arts regularly.

She boasts million of followers on it.

Let's take a look of her face arts.

This is a ribbon face of Mimi. Here, she has used soft cream, epic wear liquid liners, butter glosses & skin enhancers to design this look.

Here she depicts herself into a wall. And decorated the wall with eyes, lips & butterfly Paintings.

What do you see first in this pic? Of course a skull or a body. But actually its just a makeup art.

After gazing it, you might think how it is possible that Mimi got multi-sliced face? But, thats the magic of Mimi's artistic skill.

Oh Wow! Here she has transformed her cheek into a papaya.

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