Modern Calligraphy is Used Everywhere, in Invitation Cards, Paper Crafts, Poetry & Many Different Projets 

You Must Polish Your Calligraphic Skills to Put Yourself Ahead of Everyone

Here are some tips to improve calligraphy 

Pick up Your Pen Between Strokes 

Try to Pick up Your Pen After Each stroke, Because it Helps in Getting Nice Thick Down Strokes & The Thin up Strokes 

Use Lettering Guideline Worksheet 

If You Use Lettering Guideline Worksheet it Will Help to Keep Your Letters More Consistent in Size. And Will Also Help Your Lettering Look Fluid   

Master Basic Brush or Pen Strokes

Mastering The Basic Strokes is Very Important For Calligraphy. The Beauty of it Relies on The Key Strokes That Has Fabricated it

Use Brush & Pointed Pens

As Compared to Calligraphic Pens, brushe & Pointed Pens Are Considered The Best For Modern Calligraphy. Since Their Tips Are Flexible So, One Can Easily Write With it

See Others Work

Observe & Follow Modern Calligrapher's Work. It Will Help You Learn & Collect Good Stuff From Their Work 

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