Incredible Benefits of Art Therapy

Art therapy can relieve all sorts of all sorts of aliments from stress to mental disorders. It has also positive impacts on communication skills 

Here are some Incredible benefits of art therapy

Relieves Stress

Art therapy relieves your level of stress hormones & boosts the production of dopamine that makes you feel happy & calm

 Helps in Mental Health

Research has shown that drawing therapies can be used for mental health treatment. It helps in processing feelings, behavior and anxiety as well as enhances self-esteem

Improves memory power

Through art, one can improve memory power as it helps relate things and make new neural pathways. Even treating diseases like Alzheimer's and Dementia is possible with the art treatment

 Improve Communication skills

Art also helps those people who are afraid to share their feelings and thoughts with others. From the earlier time, art has helped humans to nourish and develop a way to convey their thoughts

 Build Confidence

Studies have shown that it helps boost the confidence level and gives the power to express thoughts & opinions without being tensed

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