Vincent Van Gogh Unseen Self-portrait Discovered Behind Another Painting


Van Gogh was a Dutch Post-Impressionist artist & one of the most popular & well known figure in Western art history.

He is famous for his emphatic brushwork, striking color & contoured forms.

A previously unnoticed self-portrait of Van Gogh has been found behind an another painter in the National Galleries of Scotland.

Credit: Insta (Artnews)

When experts at the Edinburgh Gallery were x-raying the painting "Head of a Peasant Woman" ahead of an upcoming exhibition they discovered it.

Credit: Insta (Artnews)

It is believed that the painting had been hidden for centuries, it was covered by layers of glue and cardboard.

The picture depicted self-portrait of Van Gogh with brimmed hat.

Experts also say that his severed left ear is clearly visible in the picture and that Van Gogh famously cut off his ear in 1888.

This indicates that the painting was made after 1888.

Credit: Insta (Artnews)

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