Get inspiration from these finest digital artists

Here are some finest digital artists you must get inspiration from these artists

Michael Joseph Winkelmann

Credits: Google (The Times)

Michael Joseph Winkelmann is better known as Beeple. He is one of the famous digital artists from Appleton, Wisconsin. You can get inspired by his art style and color orientation skills.

His work "Everyday" is one of the most valuable arts sold as NFT.

GMUNK  (Bradley Munkowitz)

Credits: Google ( SHOOTonline

GMUNK is one of the well-known digital artists from Berkley, USA. His work comprises more of the psychedelic visuals and sci-fi themes. He works with popular brands like Uber, Nike, and HBO

Heraldo Ortega

Credits: Google (DAEM Chillan)

Heraldo is a graphic designer, illustrator, and musician. He works on Procreate, Clip Studio Paint, and Photoshop to make his fantasy art, characters & logo design

David Villegas

Credits: Facebook

You should learn from this concept artist to design hyper-realistic characters, creatures, vehicles, settings, and other fictive assets

Lim Chuan Shin

Credits: Google (Fine Art America)

He is a successful freelancer illustrator & concept artist. He makes sci-fi book covers, fantasy & concept art for gaming companie

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