Reasons Behind the Fancy Pricing of Arts

Here are top five reasons that makes paintings so expensive

The Artist

The first reason behind the expensive paintings are the artist themselves because they have a huge fan following. Almost everyone knows them, so people are ready to pay more for their artworks

Painting Style

The art style also matters a lot for the fancy pricing of paintings. Some art styles always remain in high demand, like - Modern art, Abstract art and Renaissance

Unseen painting

Most of the time, you must have heard that lost or unseen paintings of Picasso, Leonardo, and many great artists sell for millions of dollars. So, this can also be a reason that drives the painting prices so high

Original Masterpiece

Another reason behind the higher pricing is that the painting always remains an original masterpiece produced by the artist. Even if someone makes that art, that would just be a copy, not the original art

Long Process

A piece of art is also valuable because of the time and graceful effort it takes to fabricate the art piece. It take years to create masterpieces like Leonardo's Mona Lisa & Salvador Mundi

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