7 unheard facts about Jackson pollock


Here are 7 unheard facts about this American artist (Jackson Pollock) 

Jackson Pollock's birth name was '' Paul''

In the late 1930s, 
Pollock didn't have money to eat so, sometimes he used to stole food

In 1930s, Jackson Pollock filled some notebooks with drawings of Picasso's iconic 'Guernica' painting

When Jackson's father died on 6 march, 1933, he had no money to return home after the funeral

A Art News published In 1951 had featured 3 shows of Jackson Pollock in the top 

When Pollock started using drip technique he specially didn't named his artworks because he didn't want viewers to look for figurative elements in the paintings

Few paintings of Pollock's are the most valueable works in the history of America. 'Blue Poles' also known as Number 11, No.5 & Number 17A are the most popular one

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