5 Richest American Painters You Must Know 


America is one of the leading country in art industries

This is the reason American painters are exceedingly famous & richest all over the world

Let's know these five wealthiest American painters 

Jeff koons


Best known for his iconic sculpture including Rabbit, Puppy & Balloon dog. His most expensive sculpture is
 ''Rabbit'' that was sold for $91.1million

jojn currin


John Currin is an American professional painter, who started his career in 1989. Now, he is one of the richest painter who's worth is around $1.43 billion

david choe


He is the youngest & wealthiest painter in USA. He is best known for painting, murals, graphic novels as well as a music curator

edward ruscha


Ed Ruscha comes at 2nd position in the list of highest-income painters in the USA. He is famous for word painting. His most expensive work is ''Hurting the Word Radio #2''

jasper johns

Credits: Pinterest

Jasper Johns is a painter, printmaker as well as sculptor. His painting are based on patriotic theme & has symbolic richness

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