7 Stunning Sculptures Built into Nature


Here are the seven stunning sculptures that built into nature

Dancing With Dandelions

The Dancing with Dandelions are the beautiful sculptures of dancing fairies designed by Robin Wight. They are made entirely from stainless steel wire.

The Appennine Colossus

Credit: Pinterest Tutt'Art@

It is one of the stunning sculpture made on the land of Vaglia, Italy. Italian artist Giambologna designesd this stone statue in late 1579.

Ocean Atlas

Credit: Colossal | Art, design

It is one of the biggest statue under the water. It is around 18 feet tall & weights over 60 tons.

The Force Of Nature

Credit: Phoide

The Force Of Nature is a staggering sculpture made up of stainless steel, bronze and aluminium. It shows mother nature swinging earth around using a piece of cloth. 

The Caring Hand

Credit: Twin Lotus

The Caring Hand was created By Hervé Bénard. The artist is conveying message to the people through this sculpture to save the green trees.


Credit: Paige Bradley

The Expansion sculpture shows a nude woman who is in the state of meditation.

Diminish And Ascend

Credit: Arrested Motion

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