The Weird Story of a Cursed Painting

Credit: Pinterest (Ola Svensson)

Can a painting be haunted? The weird incident connected with "The crying boy" painting urges us to believe so.

Credit: Google (WorthPoint)

The painting is believed to ruin the lives of many

It's said that whoever keeps the portrait, the disaster definitely comes to their house.

Credit: Google (WorthPoint)

As mentioned in Wikipedia, Italian artist Giovanni Bargolin was the creator of it.

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How the painting came to limelight?

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According to a firefighter when he along with his team went to douse the fire in fifteen houses, they found the copies of same painting

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Also they said that everything in the house were burnt, but this picture was found safe every time.

Around 50 thousand copies of this painting were sold in the market.

Credit: Google (Artmajeur)

Later, at the behest of a newspaper, portrait's copies were burnt in the fire of Halloween festival

After this the incident also started decreasing, leading people to assume that the painting was actually cursed.

Credit: Google

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