Practice  Isn't Helping You in Drawing?


Just putting Extra Hours in Practice Would Not Always Going to Help You With Your Drawing 

Practice Can Help You to a Certain Level, So You Need to Take Care of Few Things That Will Help You go Beyond

Here are few things you should take care of

Identify Mistakes

Observe Your Mistakes Consciously, Observing Mistakes in Your Drawing Increases Your Chances of Improvement. Knowing The Area Where You Sucks Allows You to Brush up Things Faster

Choose Effective Methods 

It is Inevitable That Some Art Techniques Are Far Better Than Others. Selecting Effective Methods Helps You understand The process Easily

Some Mediums Are Not For You

All The Mediums Used in Art Are Not For Everyone. Try Experimenting With Mediums And  Tools to Know  Which One Aligns Your Goal & Style 

Little Progress Also Counts 

Measuring Your Art Progress With Correct  Criteria is Necessary, Otherwise You Would Feel Yourself Stuck at The Same Place. Even Little Steps Forward is Enough if You Keep Moving 

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