How to Draw a Person With Simple Steps

Are you searching for the best guide to making a person’s step by step drawing? If yes, then you have landed on the right article. In this article, you will learn how to draw a person in six easy steps.

Each step includes a picture for better understanding. We have made this stepwise tutorial for beginners & kids. We have utilized different shapes. for making the sketch.

Supplies You Might Need

  • Pencil – I uses Artline pencils for my artworks, it comes with different grades.
  • Kneadable Eraser – For removing dirty stuff and lightning the value of shading these gummy erasers are very useful.
  • Sketchbook – A quality sketchbook.
  • Mechanical Pencil – 0.5mm mechanical pencils for drawing fine and precise lines.
  • Fixative Spray – For protection of art from smudging.
  • Blending Stump – Paper stumps for smooth blending.
  • Pencil Color – Its thick cores are perfect for shading and shadows.
  • Acrylic Color – This set of acrylic paint has all the necessary colors to paint anything.
Person drawing

Let’s jump into the tutorial for making the sketch

Step 1

Vertically divide the paper into two equal parts then, draw a circle with a radius of 1.5cm, on the vertical line.
Next, leave space equal to the top circle, below the circle, then draw a horizontal line with a length of 5.2cm & draw two circles on both sides of horizontal lines, then little below draw an inverted trapezium with a height of 1.9cm & the base of trapezium’s 4.7cm & 3.5cm. Next draw a square with a height & width of 3.5cm below the trapezium, then make a triangle in equal angle below the square.

person base structure

Step 2

According to the picture, make two circles cutting the sides of the triangle, below it make two cylinders with a height of 4.5cm, then draw two circles & little below it make two cylinders with a height of 4cm, and also make two triangles with a height of 1.6cm below the cylinder.
Replicate the process on the other side of the vertical line too.

sturcture of standing human

Step 3

In this step, make jaw, cheek & neck’s outline below the first circle. Now make two cylinders with a height of 3.7cm & little lower draw two cylinders with a height of 3.3cm, then make two circles.
Replicate the steps on Both sides of the line.

basic body sturcture of human drawing

Step 4

Now, carefully make the outline of the person’s hair, ears, hands, costumes & shoes over the shapes. Moving ahead add little details to the costumes.

making person from basic structure

Step 5

Remove all unneeded lines, then add the person’s face features like – eyes, eyebrows, nose & lips.

sketch of person

Step 6

In the last step, smoothly shade the person with a 4b or 2b grade pencil. Finally, the person’s drawing is completed.

Person final step

All steps in single frame

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person drawing complete steps

I hope, you have liked this step by step tutorial on person drawing. Make sure to bookmark this page for future reference.

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Keep Drawing!

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