How to Make Still Life Painting in 5 Simple Steps

Do you find it too complicated to make still life paintings? If yes, you landed on the right tutorial.

Below you will learn, “How to make simple still life painting”.

Supplies You Might Need

  • Pencil – I uses Artline pencils for my artworks, it comes with different grades.
  • Kneadable Eraser – For removing dirty stuff and lightning the value of shading these gummy erasers are very useful.
  • Sketchbook – A quality sketchbook.
  • Mechanical Pencil – 0.5mm mechanical pencils for drawing fine and precise lines.
  • Fixative Spray – For protection of art from smudging.
  • Blending Stump – Paper stumps for smooth blending.
  • Pencil Color – Its thick cores are perfect for shading and shadows.
  • Acrylic Color – This set of acrylic paint has all the necessary colors to paint anything.
Still life painting

Step 1

To make a still life painting start by measure the subject, after that roughly constructing the object with different shapes like- square, rectangle, half triangle & some lines, with the help of a scale and pencil.

still life shapes drawing

Step 2

Now, draw the wine bottle, cup, orange, handkerchief inside the shape’s, then make plywood under the object and remove all unnecessary lines.

still life painting layout

Step 3

In this step, draw the object’s shadow behind the wine bottle, then add some details inside the object. Finally, it’s outline drawing is completed.

still life painting sketch

Step 4

Moving ahead, color the background of the still life drawing with a mixture of light green & black color.

still life painting before colouring

Step 5

In the final step, color the object with dark color & add some details. By adding details painting will look more realistic.

still life painting

All steps in single frame

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still life drawing full process

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Keep Drawing!

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