11 Relaxing Ideas For Cute Easy Stoner Paintings

Are you feeling depressed? And looking for something to relax your mind, then you should definitely check this article.

Because below we have shared crazy stoner painting ideas that would be very useful for you. It would give you new ideas, relax your mind, enhance your creative skills etc.

This article is all about cute and easy stoner paintings. Below you will get 11 cute easy Stoner Painting ideas.

Supplies You Might Need

  • Pencil – I uses Artline pencils for my artworks, it comes with different grades.
  • Kneadable Eraser – For removing dirty stuff and lightning the value of shading these gummy erasers are very useful.
  • Sketchbook – A quality sketchbook.
  • Mechanical Pencil – 0.5mm mechanical pencils for drawing fine and precise lines.
  • Fixative Spray – For protection of art from smudging.
  • Blending Stump – Paper stumps for smooth blending.
  • Pencil Color – Its thick cores are perfect for shading and shadows.
  • Acrylic Color – This set of acrylic paint has all the necessary colors to paint anything.
stoner featured image

Let’s come to the ideas.



This is an acrylic stoner painting on canvas. A unique colour scheme has been used here. Which makes the look of the painting stand out.

Artist Credit: ableillustration


Plants on ribcage

In this painting, the artist has depicted a rib cage surrounded by mushrooms and leaves. And above the ribs, a small yoga skeleton has been added. To make this painting she has taken ideas from the lungs and connected them with nature.

Artist Credit: ableillustration



Flowers are liked by everyone, we use them in many things, such as to decorate, to give to someone, etc. here’s you would find a stoner painting style of flowers. – that looks amazing.

Artist Credit: em.aye.ee


Sad trees stoner art

If you want to start Acrylic painting, then these miniature paintings would be useful for you. you can begin it easily. And if you want to buy this painting, then you must go to his Etsy shop.

Artist Credit: ravesnax


Human face with mushroom stoner art

Here’s the use of the colour theme is perfectly matching together. This one is the stoner forest painting. This jungle painting depicts ghosts, leaves, moons, mushrooms etc.

Artist Credit: d.a.ii


art on ear-ring

In this pic, you will get a unique painting style on earing. Do you want to paint a new design on your own earing? If so, you can go her insta I’d & take many ideas from there.

Artist Credit: kthanx


happy spongebob drawing

This Sponge Bob cartoon is painted in stoner art style. He looks like he is very happy to swimming.

Artist Credit: adhdmarie


Pitcher plant stoner art

A green demon creature – that looks like a plant dancing. This stoner art is created by Ayc. If you’re interested in stoner painting like this. then visit his insta.

Artist Credit: ayc.does.art


sunflower drawing

This flower looks amazing. If you put this flower painting on your wall, it will enhance the beauty of the wall.

Artist Credit: ableillustration


mickey mouse stoner art

Do you want to cartoon character change in stoner art? If yes, then you must see this painting. How it has been made.

Artist Credit: eanttirb_in_space


Mind with stairs

If you are searching for a simple digital stoner painting, then you must go to – dylart_callistein & view his amazing paintings.

Artist Credit: dylart_callistein

All these easy stoner painting ideas you have seen above are great works of artists, I have collected these drawings to help you get references and ideas for your drawing.

If you are a beginner or an advanced artist, you can take help from this. If you find an artwork lovely and interesting make sure to check out the artist and encourage them to keep doing their good work

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Keep Drawing!