11 Meaningful Drawings Ideas With Deep Message

If you’re searching for meaningful drawing ideas, then you have landed on the right post. In this post, we have shared 11 creative and meaningful ideas to convey deep messages.

For ages art and drawing have been used to convey messages. A picture with hidden meanings speaks louder than words. Conveying a message through pictures is easy and effective. Posters and banners have been seen to influence people to a greater degree.

Supplies You Might Need

  • Pencil – I uses Artline pencils for my artworks, it comes with different grades.
  • Kneadable Eraser – For removing dirty stuff and lightning the value of shading these gummy erasers are very useful.
  • Sketchbook – A quality sketchbook.
  • Mechanical Pencil – 0.5mm mechanical pencils for drawing fine and precise lines.
  • Fixative Spray – For protection of art from smudging.
  • Blending Stump – Paper stumps for smooth blending.
  • Pencil Color – Its thick cores are perfect for shading and shadows.
  • Acrylic Color – This set of acrylic paint has all the necessary colors to paint anything.
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Now, let’s jump to the list


boy worshipping social media rather than books

This drawing shows how smartphones have impacted the children’s adversely. The average screentime for children’s have increased after lockdown. For childrens, smartphone is like a knife that can be wisely used to do wonders but due to their feeble minds it often turns out to be a disaster.


humans engaged in their weired artificial world of smartphone

This picture shows, without a phone there is no identity means, in this digital world you have to use the phone to show your talent to the world, therefore, your phone is your identity.


Girl tied in ropes

Artist Shuvam has drawn this meaningful drawing. He has shown the girls that are imprisoned in their never-ending beliefs.

elephant asking for his teeth

Here’s an elephant crying and saying “Hey man, give me back my teeth ” The artist has shown in this drawing that we shouldn’t hurt or harm animals for their personal interest. Like we shouldn’t break elephants’ teeth or harm them in any way they also feel pain when gets hurt.

heart with Hands and roses

This is a pencil drawing of a heart with hands & flowers, this drawing has shown “Love is the food of life” means, without love no one can live or be happy.

girl painting with her mouth

In this picture, you can see that this girl has no hands but she is making a painting with her mouth. Many people have many excuses like:- I don’t have a pencil, expensive sketchbooks & colours etc.
So, those people should take inspiration from this drawing, it is not necessary to have hands to show their art.

man taking breath with oxygen tank

We should not cut trees, because without trees we can’t live. If we will cut all tree’s one by one, then one day the time will come when we have to carry oxygen cylinders like its shown in this picture.

man depressed from inside

There is a deep message in this drawing, a man always looks happy doesn’t mean he is happy from the inside. Maybe he is depressed inside and looks happy in front of the world.

Tiger without its whole skin

In this pic, a tiger is saying ” hey human, give me back my skin. This is an awareness poster.

Accident of person on road

This drawing is showing the harsh truth of our society; when people see an accidental person on road, they don’t help the person but instead, they would click a picture or start making a video to upload it on Facebook or any social media platform. These are bad habits, saving the person’s life is way more important than gaining publicity with the news.

cutting hand of freind with knife

Some people show themselves as a good friend of yours but at heart, they consider you an enemy. It’s better to avoid these people.

All these meaningful drawings you have seen above are great works of artists, I have collected these drawings to help you get references and ideas for your drawings.

If you are a beginner or an advanced artist, you can take help from this. If you find an artwork lovely and interesting make sure to check out the artist and encourage them to keep doing their good work

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Keep Drawing!

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