7 Illusionary 3d Paintings by Julian Beever


Credit: Facebook

Julian Beever is a sidewalk chalk artist. He is well known for his mind melting 3D illusions on the pavement.

Credit: Taringa!

Here are the seven illusionary paintings of him.

Credit: boredpanda.com

Meeting Mr. Frog

Credit: boredpanda.com

Water Rafting

Credit: boredpanda.com

After looking at this picture, it seems as  river is flowing through the middle of the road. But in reality, it is just a creation of Beever.

 A slight accident on a building site in Vienna

Credit: boredpanda.com

This picture depicts a mason who is falling from the building.

Meeting Madame Butterfly

Credit: boredpanda.com

This drawing was created in Mexico City for 9th episode of the Gallery HD TV series.


Credit: .keepitight.

Anyone who sees this for the first time will be scared to think that the pavement is actually flooded.But in reality, it is a 3D illusion chalk art created on pavement.

 Little and Large

Credit: boredpanda.com

 Self Portrait 

Credit: boredpanda.com

In this picture Julian featured self-portrait where the artist is sitting on the ground in cat poses.

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