Mind Melting Paintings by Artist Leandro Erlich


Credit: www.mori.art.museum

Leandro Erlich is an Argentine artist. He is famous for his large-scale installations & intriguing optical illusions.

Credit: artistprofiler.art

Here are the five illusionary paintings of him.

Credit: www.leandroerlich.art

KAMU Kanazawa

Credit: Galleria Continua

KAMU Kanazawa is a installation art made with Infinite Staircase. It is an art in which people can go inside & have fun.

The escalators installation

Credit: Designboom

What appears to you first in this scene? Of course tangled escalators. But in reality it is an instillation art made on a normal escalator.

 It was commissioned by Erlich at Le Bone Marché (department store).

Surreal Floating Room

Credit: Amusing Planet

The Floating Room looks like a scene of fantasy movie. After looking at this scene, it appears that the room has actually been torn apart by a building.

And its walls are also torn, due to which the bricks under the plaster are visible.

Underwater Pool

Credit: Martha Garzon

When you look at it first time, you might think it is a real swimming pool where people are standing inside the water.

But in reality it is an empty pool where illusion has been created using the acrylic spans.

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