Know All About Abstract Painter Sam Gilliam

Credit: Insta (julian__salinas_portraits)

Sam Gilliam was an African American color field & lyrical  abstractionist painter.

Credit: Insta (goya_contemporary_gallery)

He was known as the first painter to introduce the idea of ​​a hang drape canvas without a stretcher bar.

Credit: Google (Crystal Bridges)

He was born on 30 November, 1933 in Tupelo, Mississippi's, US.

In 1955, he completed his bachelor degree in art field.

And in the same year he held his first solo show at the University of Louisville.

After coming from United States Army, he completed his master's degree.

He gave the major contribution to the Color Field School.

Seahorses is his last & largest draped series

Credit: Insta (bidsquare)

Sam begun creating dynamic geometric collages, which he named "Black Paintings" because he uses black shades of paint to make it.

Credit: Google (Artsy)

He gained several awards includingThe Longview Foundation Award, National Endowment for the Arts grants & the Art Institute of Chicago's Norman W. Harris Prize.

Solar Canopy and  Jamaica Center Station Riders, Blue is his famous work.

Credit: Google (Wikipedia)

On June 25, 2022 at the age of 88 he took his last breath.

Credit: Insta (julian__salinas_portraits)

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