These  kinetic Sculptures Will totally amaze you

Here Are The Five Incredible Kinetic Sculptures

"K on Sun"

"K on Sun"  is a giant sculpture of Franz Kafka's head that is made up of forty-two layers of stainless steel, thirty-eight of which are movable. It is made by Czech artist David Czerny.

 Kinetic Rain

The Kinetic Rain is located in Singapore Changi Airport. It's in the area of seventy-five square meters, having a height of seven point three meters. It is currently the world's largest Kinetic Sculpture.

About Face

Anthony Howe used copper plates & wireframes to make the 'About face' kinetic sculpture. The special thing about this art is that it fluctuates, utilizing wind power.

Quantum Sculptures

Quantum Sculptures is built by Julian Voss-Andreae. On looking from the front, it seems to disappear into thin air. It's made of metal slabs that are stacked on the same plane.


Colibri is a wooden work of a bird flapping its wings. It is the creation of Derek Hugger.

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