6 Spectacular Public Art in America


Credit: Denver International Airport

To see a spectacular art you don't need to visit a museum everytime, even you can find it outside.

Credit: Unsplash

Public art lets people to enjoy the great works of art—demonstrating countries culture, environment & historical importance.

Credit: Unsplash

World's Largest Rocking Chair

Credit: Pinterest (Wendy Ravencraft

Beside being the beloved sculpture in the city of Casey, it is also a photo destination for many. The monster chair built by Jim Bolin is around 56 feet tall.

Non Violence

Credit: Flickr

This special bronze sculpture was made by Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reuterward, post the murder of singer John Lennon to depict his vision of peace.


Credit: Denver International Airport

The moment you arrive the Denver International Airport, the 32 foot tall horse sculpture would be visible to you. It was built by artist Luis Jimenez in the year 2008.


Credit: TourCounsel

Cloudgate also known as The Bean is a enormous sculpture located in the Chicago city. It heights around 33ft & has weight equivalent to 15 elephants. The sculpture was designed by Anish Kapoor who took inspiration from Mercury.

Calder Flamingo

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The flamingo shaped architecture is the iconic work of Alexander Calder located in the Federal Plaza, Chicago. The structure is constructed using 50 ton steel & wears stabic color.


Credit: Pinterest (Danielle Picard)

The steel built sculpture works as the identity for the people of Chicago. This public art is believed to represent a young French woman who dressed for Picasso.

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