Know All About American Painter Keith Haring

Keith Haring was an American painter, famous for his graffiti drawings.

He was born on 4 May, 1958 in  Reading, Pennsylvania.

He mostly worked on the subjects of homosexuality, AIDS awareness & safe sex.

Credit: Artsy

His interest in drawing was from the little age & he used to spend most of his time in creative drawings.

Keith first gained popularity from his white chalk drawings on black unused display boards in the stations.

Credit: Wikipedia

After gaining popularity, he created colorful larger scale murals & many commissioned works.

Credit: Tuscany

In 1980s, he started organizing art shows at Club 57.

And it was Feb 1981, when he held his first solo exhibition at Westbeth Painters Space in the West Village.

Then, he opened his Pop Shop as an extension of his work in late 1986.

On 16 Feb 1990, he passed in the age of 31 in New York City.

Credit: Lococo Fine Art Publisher

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