7 Most inspirational Quotes of David choe


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David Choe is an American artist best known for his street art and gallery exhibitions.

He is considered to be one of the most prolific street artists in the United States.

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His works have been featured on television, in movies, and in many publications.

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Let's look at some of his popular quotes

Comfort is the killer of creativity.

 As an artist, I often wonder what my purpose is or why I do what I do.

 I did everything I wanted to when I had nothing.

I paint very quickly. And it just, it almost comes out of me like it's almost my therapy.

 I know how to paint... In a way, there is a boredom there because a lot of the magic is gone.

You can't buy your privacy back. Because I was already doing OK, and to have this abstract amount of money now, I cannot buy my privacy back.

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