Genius art Hacks You Must Use


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Have you ever tried an art hack? — they are really cool

Take a Look at Some Interesting Art Hacks That You Must Try

Sponge Hack

If you are looking for a quick method to make trees, foliage, clouds,  then this hack is for you. Dip a small sponge piece into the color and use it to paint objects

Fixing Warped Paper Hack 

Fixing Warped Paper hack is great for watercolor lover. Turn back your painting and put a towel on it's top.Now iron it over the towel at low temperature - it will make the paper wrinkle free.

Binder Clip Hack

If you are making  drawing somewhere in open space and you are not able to draw because of the wind, then you can draw comfortably by attaching this binder clip to the side of your sketchbook.

Bonus Magic Eraser 

This hack is great for erasing watercolor mistakes - take a small piece of sponge and dip it in some clean water, squash out the excess water & now it's ready to erase the watercolor paint 

Straw Hacks

Genius way for making flowers - Take a straw, cut it vertically from one side and spread it all around, then dip it in the color and make designs and flowers on the sketchbook. 

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