Jeff Koons transformed an art space into temple

For those who don't know Jeff Koons, he is an American artist.

He is famous for his Sculptures like Rabbit, Puppy & Balloon Dog.

He created a temple in the old Slaughterhouse for Apollo, a Greek god of art, music, poetry, truth, healing, sun and light.

Credit: Insta (destefoundation)

On the roof of the Slaughterhouse Jeff placed a golden colossal Sun that is 9.1-meter tall as a wind spinner.

Credit: Insta (loveartinternational)

Inside the centerpiece of the temple Jeff displayed Apollo which has shiny golden skin, a snake & Apollo playing Kithara (an ancient Greek musical instrument)

Credit: Insta (jeffkoons)

This solo show can be viewed at the Greek Island of Hydra.

Credit: Insta (sunbunny8)

The exhibition will be run from 21st June to 31st October, 2022.

Credit: Insta (destefoundation)

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