Johnny Depp First Ever Art Sale Made him More than $3.6 million

Credit: Vikisoz

Johnny Depp is an American actor, musician & producer.

Credit: The Movie Database (TMDB)

Besides all that, he likes paintings. He often expresses his feeling through the arts.


He makes art related to his personal life.

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On Thursday, he sold his debut art collection for USD 3.6 million at Castle Fine Art's 37 galleries.

Credit: Unsplash

The work features Al Pacino, Bob Dylan, Keith Richards & the late actress Elizabeth Taylor paintings.

Credit: Insta @johnnydepp

He made 780 copies of these paintings & sold them online.

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According to the news agency AFP, buyers paid £14,950 for a set of four prints & £3,950 for a single print.

Credit: Unsplash

The sale came after a long wait due to Depp & Amber's (ex-wife) controversial case.

Credit: Us Weekly

Well, this is great news for fans of Jhonny Depp, aka Captain Jack Sparrow.


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