Why Sandro Botticelli's The Birth of Venus is Iconic Mythological Painting


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Sandro Botticelli was a Renaissance painter & one of the most renowned artists in Italy.

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His painting 'The Birth of Venus is one of the most iconic works made with the tempera technique.

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It is believed that the painting was produced between 1484 to 1486.

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The painting featured Venus (goddess of love & beauty) in the middle who originated from the sea shell.

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And in the left, the god of wind (Zephyr) is welcoming the goddess with flowers & in the right, there is a woman who is dressing the Venus.

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Let's know the reason why Sandro's The Birth of Venus is an Iconic Mythological Painting.

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The primary reason behind the painting's narrative is that it depicts lots of mythological things in it.

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And the second reason is that it is also considered a symbol of Venus. It depicts the birth of Venus, which reminds the viewers about the divine love that still exists.

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All these constitutes to the paintings mythological connection.

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