40 Simple Pencil Drawing for Your Blank Pages

Are you on the hunt for simple pencil drawing ideas? If yes, you have landed on the right post. The post is fully intended to give you a hefty amount of ideas to fill your sketchbook.

Below you will get plenty of ideas to fill the blank pages of your sketchbook so, let’s move to the ideas.

drawing with hands
  1. Draw youself as a anime character.
  2. Depict your best freind as a cartoon character.
  3. Draw a older version of yourself.
  4. Draw a miniature sketch of your parents.
  5. Make yourself in different postures.
  6. Learn & draw live sketches of people.
  7. Make the drawing of your shadow in different poses.
  8. Make quick sketch of your fingers & hands in all angles.
  9. Draw your eyes bigger than your nose or try distorting the face structure – it will look funny.
  10. Go to the public place & practice making quick sketches of buildings.
  11. Click a picture of your ear & draw it with different perspectives.
  12. Collect your creams, perfume bottles & some utensils then, try to make a sketch of it in your sketch pad.
  13. Make the view of tree from your window
  14. Go to your kitchen & draw a pic of gas stove & gas-cylinder using hatching technique.
  15. Make a basket full of fruits and vegetables.
  16. Draw your book self or almirah.
  17. Draw your pencil box & drawing materials.
  18. Draw a sketch of your fav dress.
  19. Draw the building that’s infront of your house.
  20. Make a sketch of your slippers & shoes.
  21. Draw the picture of a standfan.
  22. Create your dream house in the sketchbook.
  23. If you have a dream to acheive world best artist’s award then picture the moment of receiving the award & put it into the paper.
  24. Draw a beautiful flowers with butterflies in garden.
  25. Draw the pic of your dream car.
  26. Draw the pic of your fav place, with your imagination.
  27. Design the dress that you want to wear in your elder sister’s wedding.
  28. You can draw buildings, highways & cars.
  29. Draw your fav god/goddess in your art style.
  30. If you like abstract art then try to draw yourself in abstract style.
  31. Draw the scene of your village/city after 10 years.
  32. Draw the pic of sunrise & sunset.
  33. Draw a landscape of wolf howling at the moon.
  34. Draw the river side with a man sitting on the boat.
  35. Make a landscape of desert in a circle.
  36. Draw a beautiful scene of village with a river flowing through it.
  37. Draw a interior of the house using one point perspective.
  38. Draw a house in ball (sphere) with the help of five point perspective.
  39. Take a picture from your fav movie & draw on a blank paper.
  40. Draw a image of your school and the playground you plays on.

If you find these artwork ideas lovely and interesting make sure to comment and share it with your friends.

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Keep Drawing!

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