Things you should know about Alexander Calder

For those who don't know Alexander Calder, he was a great American sculptor

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He took birth on 22 July, 1898 in Lawnton Pennsylvania, U.S.A

Let's know few key things about Alexander Calder

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Calder comes from an artistic family. His mother Nanette was a painter and his father and grandpa were both sculptors

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The very first sculpture he made was dog & duck

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He is the inventor of mobile & kinetic art, where the artistic excellence is achieved by adding some aspects of movements

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The retrospective of his art at MoMA in 1943, was the turning moment for the young Calder

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During the year of wars metal shortage, urged him to use wood and wire to make his masterpieces

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In late 1930, he got inspired by the Piet Mondrian's color & composition technique and started making abstract paintings but he didn't carried it too long

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